I truly wish you existed for grown ups

Annie Lennox's letter to Father Christmas.

Stretch the moment of magic and playfulness

A letter from Benedict Cumberbatch to Father Christmas.

To disbelieve in magic is to disbelieve in ourselves

A letter from Matt Haig to Father Christmas.

Please pass on my very best to your other half

A letter from Thandie Newton to Father Christmas.

Buddy, you have GOT to stop the whole list thing…

A letter from Jesus to Father Christmas (as transcribed by James Rhodes).

Mince pie, carrot & Bailey’s in usual spot

A letter from Jarvis Cocker to Father Christmas.

Last time I saw you was in the 70’s

A letter from Nick Moran to Father ChristmasExplicit.

It’s a busy time for you, so I will keep my letter brief.

A letter from Victoria Hislop to Father Christmas.

Give my People clouds

A letter from Lemn Sissay to Father Christmas.

I want your letters

A letter from Shaun Usher to Father Christmas.

I won’t ask you to solve the problems of the human race

A letter from Thom Yorke to Father Christmas.

We might take to the skies together

A letter from Judge Rinder to Father Christmas.

Thanks for the glittery shoes, by the way

A letter from Ellie Bamber to Father Christmas.

I’m not even sure if you’re real anymore

A letter from Russell Brand to Father Christmas.

Are you grooming my kids?

A letter from Tim Minchin to Father Christmas.

Please could you double your output?

A letter from Yann Martel to Father Christmas.