4th - 6th March 2020

On March 4th, 5th and 6th 2020 Letters Live made its 4th appearance at London’s iconic Union Chapel.


Set List: Wednesday 4th March

Photo of Jon Culshaw

Jon Culshaw

  • Fuck off

    Billy Connolly to Eric Idle

  • You’ll love our little club

    Dashiell Hammett to Josephine Hammett (his daughter)

Photo of Sally Phillips

Sally Phillips

  • I will not make you a slave

    Flint (10 years old) to Albert Ramon

  • Potto is dead

    Virginia Woolf to Vita Sackville West

Photo of Adam Kay

Adam Kay

  • Please change your hold music

    Dr. Steven Schlozman to CVS

  • O, Excellent Air-Bag!

    Robert Southey

Photo of Dermot O'Leary

Dermot O’Leary

  • We are in a desperate state

    Sir Robert Falcoln Scott to Sir JM Barrie

  • You are one of nature’s diarrhoea sufferers

    Roger Mortimer to Charles Mortimer

Photo of Ophelia Lovibond

Ophelia Lovibond

  • Take us on your expedition

    Three sporty girls to Sir Ernest Shackleton

  • Into Eternity

    Vilma Grunwald to Kurt Grunwald

  • Try growing up

    Martha Gellhorn to Betsy Drake

  • You may not send us your verses

    Angus and Robertson to FC Meyer

Photo of Jonathan Pryce

Jonathan Pryce

  • You are your father

    Saul Bellow to Martin Amis

  • I’m going to mope about you in the bath

    Dylan Thomas to Caitlin Macnamara

Photo of Anthony Welsh

Anthony Welsh

  • I have never loved as I love you

    Vladimir Nabokov to Vera

Photo of Asa Butterfield

Asa Butterfield

  • I want to crawl up inside you

    Patrick to Jessica

  • We smelt of not washing all over

    Charles Darwin to A friend

Photo of David Lammy

David Lammy

  • They were totally good for nothing

    Indians of Six Nations to William & Mary College

Photo of Claire Foy

Claire Foy

  • Also

    Lady Elizabeth Compton to Lord William Compton

  • Along with this letter comes a play

    Shelagh Delaney to Joan Littlewood

Sally Phillips and Asa Butterfield

  • Dearest Winston you make me very unhappy

    Lady Randolph Churchill to Winston Churchill


Photo of Honeyfeet


  • Black is the Colour

Set List: Thursday 5th March

Photo of Omid Djalili

Omid Djalili

  • The Jelly Fish Man

    Wimbledon FC to Various

Photo of Himesh Patel

Himesh Patel

  • It is the lightning that does the work

    Mark Twain to Unknown

  • How can you live like this?

    Oliver Beale to Richard Branson

  • Away from you I am as nothing

    Lester Halbreich to Shirley Halbreich

Photo of Louise Brealey

Louise Brealey

  • Your loving Virginia

    Virginia Woolf to Her mother

  • The battle draws near

    Clara Barton to Her cousin

  • My darling Pickle

    Sue Perkins to Pickle

Photo of Ferdinand Kingsley

Ferdinand Kingsley

  • Mine’s a double

    Rik Mayall to Orson Welles

  • Am I really writing this at all?

    Raymond Chandler to Charles Morton

  • He’s here, living and vivid and unforgettable forever

    Stewart Stern to The Winslows

Photo of Georgina Campbell

Georgina Campbell

  • Are you still me?

    Kirsten Gronfeld to her future self

Photo of Ray Fearon

Ray Fearon

  • Your most devoted reader

    Walter Matthau to Pauline Kael

  • All these must be free

    Rabbi Frank to his son

Photo of Ed Skrein

Ed Skrein

  • Love your enemies

    Egbert Wagner to The Brewsters

  • I want your dry bones to quiver with joy

    Gustave Flaubert to Louise Colet

Photo of Natasia Demetriou

Natasia Demetriou

  • I shall die with my head held high

    Blanca Brissac Vázquez Her son

Photo of Angus Wright

Angus Wright

  • There is no danger down here

    Wilfred Owen to Susan Owen

Aisling Bea and Louise Brealey

  • Dear friend

    Hermione Gingold to A friend

Photo of Izzie Yardley + Nick Pini

Izzie Yardley + Nick Pini

  • Imposter

  • Coat

Set List: Friday 6th March

Photo of Jordan Stephens

Jordan Stephens

  • The creative urge

    John Coltrane to Don DeMichael

Photo of Alan Carr

Alan Carr

  • I have eaten

    Oscar Brittle to Sydney Morning Herald

  • If you can understand THAT, you can understand Parsons

    Kenneth Williams to Frances Meredith

  • Stupidity

    Name withheld to Superior Insurance

Photo of Niamh McGrady

Niamh McGrady

  • He eats like a gentleman

    Florence Nightingale to Mrs. Frost

  • I will be there in the trees

    Kathleen Keyes to Irish Times

Photo of James Norton

James Norton

  • I must not feel anything

    Edward Thomas to Helen Thomas

  • My disgust flows over

    Ezra Pound to James Pinker

Photo of Munroe Bergdof

Munroe Bergdof

  • To all incredible women

    Serena Williams to Incredible women

  • We don’t need discouragement, but inspiration

    Zooey Deschanel to Vogue magazine

Photo of Rob Rinder

Rob Rinder

  • Hoping you fry in hell

    Alexander Woollcott to Ira Gershwin

  • Don’t let mamma come in

    Matthew Arnold to Lady de Rothschild

Photo of Colin Salmon

Colin Salmon

  • Imagine a city without pickling spice

    Ralph Ellison to Albert Murray

  • He asked only for equality

    Rod Serling to LA Times

Photo of Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult

  • I would like to retain ‘fart in your general direction’

    Mark Forstater to Michael White

  • I did not know I could be so moved

    George Bernard Shaw to HG Wells

Photo of Yrsa Daley-Ward

Yrsa Daley-Ward

  • Is this too much to ask of white American chivalry?

    Augusta Savage to Editor of The World

  • I aint never seen nothing like it

    Nina Simone to Andy Stroud

Photo of Louise Brealey

Louise Brealey

  • Like a tree in full bearing

    Charlotte Bronte to W.S. Williams

Photo of Micheal Ward

Micheal Ward

  • I have enclosed your letter

    Bobby Freeman to Greater Anglia Rail

  • Recasting Bond

    Herbert Gusset to Daily Telegraph

  • I have the best mother in the world

    Martin Luther King Jr. to Mother Alberta King Williams

Photo of Shaun Dooley

Shaun Dooley

  • Do not be alarmed

    Gary Krist to Barbara Mackle

  • Not the cabbage

    Owen James to The Ritz

Jordan Stephens and Colin Salmon

  • The struggle must continue

    Eddie Glaude Langston Glaude

Photo of Amyra


  • Burning in Birmingham