Past event

Union Chapel, 2018

7-9 March 2018

On the back of two sold-out nights in July 2017 during which audiences were treated to captivating performances from the likes of Colin Firth, Michael Palin, Noma Dumezweni, Taron Egerton, Rob Brydon, Amanda Abbington, and many others, Letters Live returned in March 2018 to London’s iconic Union Chapel to once again bring letters to life.


Over the course of these three unique evenings, the pulpit was graced by, in no particular order, Amanda Abbington, Louise Brealey, Ophelia Lovibond, Mariella Frostrup, Gina Miller, Helen McCrory, Sophie Hunter, Ayobami Adebayo, Juno Dawson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Elizabeth Debicki, Damian Lewis, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jon Culshaw, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Ian McShane, Tony Robinson, Noel Fielding, Sinead Cusack, Sue Perkins, Celia Imrie, Rose McGowan, John Bishop, Ade Edmonson, Julian Clary, Matt Berry, Olivia Colman, Niamh McGrady, Sharon Horgan, Jeremy Corbyn, Meera Syal, Jarvis Cocker, and Nick Cave, all of whom helped to breathe life into correspondence from all walks of life and take the audiences on an emotional and unforgettable journey through time.


Our chosen charities for this run of shows were First Story, Women for Women International, and Help Refugees.


Wednesday, 7th March 2018


Adrian Edmondson

Notes Upon Sounds

Ford Madox Ford to Joseph Conrad

Picture The Scene

Rik Mayall to Bob Geldof



Benedict Cumberbatch

Fart Proudly

Benjamin Franklin to the Royal Academy

A Lousy Proposition

Evelyn Waugh to Laura Herbert



Jarvis Cocker

You are a considerable cat’s paw

William Hazlitt to William Gifford

It’s a Virus

Tom Waits to The Nation



Jeremy Corbyn

Nothing good gets away

John Steinbeck to Thomas Steinbeck

I hope you don’t feel too disappointed

Eric Idle to John Major



Jeremy, Benedict, Jarvis, Olivia, Julian, Meera, Adrian, John and Sharon

Dogs Vs Cats

Various to The Guardian



John Bishop

Dear Abby

Worried in Chicago to Abby

Bill Hicks on Freedom of Speech

Bill Hicks to A Priest



Julian Clary

Now her soul is free

Ram Dass to Steve and Anita Isser

Church Weddings Are Vulgar & Stupid

Alexander Woollcott to Alexander Woollcott

It will be sunny one day

Stephen Fry to Crystal



Matt Berry


Asger Jorn to Harry Guggenheim

I would rather die

Harold Pinter to Tom Stoppard



Meera Syal

Wisdom is a gift

Toni Morrison to Barack Obama

I Cannot Do Less

Simone de Beauvoir to Nelson Algern

You may not send us your verses

Angus and Robertson to FC Meyer



Nick Cave

My muse is not a horse

Nick Cave to MTV



Niamh McGrady

I refuse to be cheated out of my deathbed scene

Rebeca West to H.G. Wells

Your road manager needs a POKE

Anonymous Child to The Rolling Stones



Olivia Colman

Know that you are Loved

Dorothy Freeman to Rachel Carson


Lady Elizabeth Compton to Lord William Compton

Thank you, and I hope you choke

Beatles Fan to Nike



Sharon Horgan

I am in receipt of your final demand

Naval Officer to a Creditor

Have A Happy Period

Wendi Aarons to James Thatcher





Nick Cave

Love Letter
God Is In The House


Thursday, 8th March 2018


Amanda Abbington

I’m sure you will agree

Edith Sitwell to Mrs. Alma



Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀

Don’t let anyone define who you are

Angelique Kidjo to Girls of the World



Benedict Cumberbatch

She was the music heard faintly at the edge of sound

Raymond Chandler to Leonard Russell



Damian Lewis

I am not a doctor

George Bernard Shaw to A Fan



Elizabeth Debicki

He is a lazy, ungrateful, loafing scoundrel

Sarah Jones to the Stamford Advocate



Gina Miller

Don’t let anybody raise you

Maya Angelou to Herself

A 3rd world Audrey Hepburn

Cher to Audrey Hepburn



Gina Miller and Mariella Frostrup

What should I do?

Frustrated to Abbie



Helen McCrory

The story comes from you

Laura Dern to her daughter

This is not the way to play football

David Hickey to The Independent



Helen McCrory and Louise Brealey

My Dear Son

M. Prichard to Various



Juno Dawson

Be with us in this fight

Georgia O’Keefe to Eleanor Roosevelt



Kristin Scott Thomas

You are not so kind as you used to be

Clementine Churchill to Winston Churchill

One’s Drop Scones

Queen Elizabeth II to President Eisenhower

The most astonishing thing

Madame de Sevigne to Philippe de Coulanges



Louise Brealey

Dear Mum

Hannah Woodhead to Her Mum

God’s Law

A Fan to Dr Laura



Mariella Frostrup

Dear Sir

Sarah-Louise Jordan to An Admirer



Niamh McGrady

The appalling horror

Florence Nightingale to William Bowman

Have a happy period

Wendi Irons to James Thatcher



Ophelia Lovibond

You did not just attack me that night

Ione Wells to Her Assaulter


Lady Elizabeth Compton to Lord William Compton

You did not just attack me that night

Ione Wells to Her Assaulter



Sophie Hunter

Look for me in the sunsets

Emmie to Summer

Keep Dreaming

Debbie Harry to Her younger self





Megan Wyler & 3 Singers

Light of Mine
Still I Rise


Roxanne Tataei

Running up that hill
Dancing with the Devil

Friday, 9th March 2018


Benedict Cumberbatch

This was no truss sabotage

Fred Allen to Joe Kelly

Elementary Mistake

Phil Merivale to The Telegraph



Celia Imrie

Out of all this came happiness

Diana Athill to Bibi Lynch

What is wrong with you?

Jonna Ramey to White Nationalists



Ian McShane

For your first Christmas

Walter Page to His Grandson

Stupidity is a crime

Dalton Trumbo to CoL Hospital



Jon Culshaw

You have no television persona

Donald Trump to Richard Branson

Dear Person

Jack Lemmon to Burt Russell



Louise Brealey

A squeal of pain

Vita Sackville West to Virginia Woolf

You’re just a boy

Agnes Von Kurowsky to Ernest Hemingway



Noel Fielding

If Only

Percy Grainger to Karen Holten

Mine’s a double

Rick Mayall to Orson Welles



Rose McGowan

The loss of you lingers

Karin Cook to Her Mum

Dear Hollywood

Rose McGowan to Hollywood



Sanjeev Bhaskar

Oh my ass burns like fire!

Mozart to Marianne

Let me have artists for friends

JD Fergusson to His Wife



Sinead Cusack

Don’t Give Up

Jane Fonda to Her Younger Self

You’re doing just fine, soldier

June Wandrey to Her Family



Sue Perkins

My Darling Pickle

Sue Perkins to Her Dog



Sue Perkins and Noel Fielding

One’s Drop Scones

The Queen to President Eisenhower



Tony Robinson

Dear Lupin

Roger Mortimer to His Son

How did you get invented?

The Archbishop of Canterbury to Lulu





Aliou Toure – Songhoy Blues

One Colour
Petite Metier

Honey Feet

Miner’s Hymn
Whatever you do