With the world’s population in lockdown, Letters Live launched the #ReadALetter campaign, opening the stage to everyone and asking the world to share letters of hope, education, love, appreciation, respect, thanks, solace and support.

Your response has been incredible – we’ve received letters from the heroes on the frontline; letters to relatives in need; letters to strangers who have stepped up and made a difference; letters to neighbouring families, streets, towns and countries; letters from teachers to their isolated pupils or to the parents who now find themselves home-schooling; letters to those in power; letters to a population crying out for words of comfort.

We’ve also received incredible letters from the world-class talent who take part in our Letters Live shows, from Stephen Fry reading an E. B. White letter, to Russell Brand reading his letter to Boris Johnson; from Caitlin Moran’s address to parents juggling homeschooling, to Margaret Atwood’s letter to her family while in self-isolation.

Thank you for your incredible letters of comfort and connection in these surreal times, we’ve been absolutely blown away by the response to Benedict’s invitation to #ReadALetter.

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Stay connected. Stay safe.

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