Past event

Union Chapel, 2020

4-6 March 2020

On March 4th, 5th and 6th 2020 Letters Live made its 4th appearance at London’s iconic Union Chapel.

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Wednesday, 4th March 2020
Jon Culshaw


Fuck off

Billy Connolly to Eric Idle


You’ll love our little club

Dashiell Hammett to Josephine Hammett (his daughter)



Sally Phillips


I will not make you a slave

Flint (10 years old) to Albert Ramon


Potto is dead

Virginia Woolf to Vita Sackville West



Adam Kay


Please change your hold music

Dr. Steven Schlozman to CVS


O, Excellent Air-Bag!

Robert Southey



Dermot O’Leary


We are in a desperate state

Sir Robert Falcoln Scott to Sir JM Barrie


You are one of nature’s diarrhoea sufferers

Roger Mortimer to Charles Mortimer



Ophelia Lovibond


Take us on your expedition

Three sporty girls to Sir Ernest Shackleton


Into Eternity

Vilma Grunwald to Kurt Grunwald


Try growing up

Martha Gellhorn to Betsy Drake


You may not send us your verses

Angus and Robertson to FC Meyer


Jonathan Pryce


You are your father

Saul Bellow to Martin Amis


I’m going to mope about you in the bath

Dylan Thomas to Caitlin Macnamara



Anthony Welsh


I have never loved as I love you

Vladimir Nabokov to Vera



Asa Butterfield


I want to crawl up inside you

Patrick to Jessica


We smelt of not washing all over

Charles Darwin to A friend



David Lammy


They were totally good for nothing

Indians of Six Nations to William & Mary College



Claire Foy



Lady Elizabeth Compton to Lord William Compton


Along with this letter comes a play

Shelagh Delaney to Joan Littlewood



Sally Phillips and Asa Butterfield


Dearest Winston you make me very unhappy

Lady Randolph Churchill to Winston Churchill






Black is the Colour

Thursday 5th March, 2020
Omid Djalili


The Jelly Fish Man

Wimbledon FC to Various



Himesh Patel


It is the lightning that does the work

Mark Twain to Unknown


How can you live like this?

Oliver Beale to Richard Branson


Away from you I am as nothing

Lester Halbreich to Shirley Halbreich



Louise Brealey


Your loving Virginia

Virginia Woolf to Her mother


The battle draws near

Clara Barton to Her cousin


My darling Pickle

Sue Perkins to Pickle



Ferdinand Kingsley


Mine’s a double

Rik Mayall to Orson Welles


Am I really writing this at all?

Raymond Chandler to Charles Morton


He’s here, living and vivid and unforgettable forever

Stewart Stern to The Winslows



Georgina Campbell


Are you still me?

Kirsten Gronfeld to her future self



Ray Fearon


Your most devoted reader

Walter Matthau to Pauline Kael


All these must be free

Rabbi Frank to his son



Ed Skrein


Love your enemies

Egbert Wagner to The Brewsters


I want your dry bones to quiver with joy

Gustave Flaubert to Louise Colet



Natasia Demetriou


I shall die with my head held high

Blanca Brissac Vázquez Her son



Angus Wright


There is no danger down here

Wilfred Owen to Susan Owen



Aisling Bea and Louise Brealey


Dear friend

Hermione Gingold to A friend






Izzie Yardley + Nick Pini


Friday 6th March, 2020
Jordan Stephens


The creative urge

John Coltrane to Don DeMichael



Alan Carr


I have eaten

Oscar Brittle to Sydney Morning Herald


If you can understand THAT, you can understand Parsons

Kenneth Williams to Frances Meredith



Name withheld to Superior Insurance



Niamh McGrady


He eats like a gentleman

Florence Nightingale to Mrs. Frost


I will be there in the trees

Kathleen Keyes to Irish Times



James Norton


I must not feel anything

Edward Thomas to Helen Thomas


My disgust flows over

Ezra Pound to James Pinker



Munroe Bergdof


To all incredible women

Serena Williams to Incredible women


We don’t need discouragement, but inspiration

Zooey Deschanel to Vogue magazine



Rob Rinder


Hoping you fry in hell

Alexander Woollcott to Ira Gershwin


Don’t let mamma come in

Matthew Arnold to Lady de Rothschild



Colin Salmon


Imagine a city without pickling spice

Ralph Ellison to Albert Murray


He asked only for equality

Rod Serling to LA Times



Nicholas Hoult


I would like to retain ‘fart in your general direction’

Mark Forstater to Michael White


I did not know I could be so moved

George Bernard Shaw to HG Wells



Yrsa Daley-Ward


Is this too much to ask of white American chivalry?

Augusta Savage to Editor of The World


I aint never seen nothing like it

Nina Simone to Andy Stroud



Louise Brealey


Like a tree in full bearing

Charlotte Bronte to W.S. Williams



Micheal Ward


I have enclosed your letter

Bobby Freeman to Greater Anglia Rail


Recasting Bond

Herbert Gusset to Daily Telegraph


I have the best mother in the world

Martin Luther King Jr. to Mother Alberta King Williams



Shaun Dooley


Do not be alarmed

Gary Krist to Barbara Mackle


Not the cabbage

Owen James to The Ritz



Jordan Stephens and Colin Salmon


The struggle must continue

Eddie Glaude Langston Glaude







Burning in Birmingham