Past event

Love Letters Live, 2020

14 February 2020

To celebrate the manifold manifestations of love in all its glorious guises, Letters Live’s debut event of 2020 was held on Valentine’s Day at Shoreditch Town Hall, London.


Saturday, 14th February 2020


Matt Berry

To my ever-loving wife

Don to his wife

I love you Jac

Bob Monkhouse to Jackie Monkhouse


Sabrina Mahfouz


I’m amputating you

Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera


You will never be far away

Marina Tsvetaeva to Rainer Rilke


I weep and weep and weep

Nadezhda Mandelstam to Osip Mandelstam


Joanna Lumley

She is the size of a very small budgerigar

Jennifer Saunders to Joanna Lumley

I see no beauty in lopsided true love

Elizabeth Smart to George Barker

A squeal of pain

Vita Sackville-West to Virginia Woolf


Danny Boyle

Yours in distress, Alan

Alan Turing to Norman Routledge

How did you get invented?

Archbishop of Canterbury to Lulu (not that Lulu)


Alex Lawther


I want to crawl up inside you

Patrick to Jessica

I’m terribly in love with you

James Schuyler to John Button


Juliet Stevenson


We formed only one being

Maud Gonne to Yeats

I feel happy tonight

Anne Lindbergh to Charles Lindbergh


Enough is enough

Marguerite Louise D’Orleans to Cosimo III De Medici


Annabelle Wallis


Dear Sir

Sarah-Louise Jordan to An admirer


Even my bones seem to cry for you

Georgia O’Keefe to Alfred Stieglitz


Jason Isaacs


A lousy proposition

Evelyn Waugh to Laura Herbert


I have had my eye on you

Simon Fallowfield to Mary Foster


Don’t expect me to be sane anymore

Henry Miller to Anaïs Nin


Hassan Akkad


This life is mortal, but our good deeds are not

Papa Akkad to Hassan Akkad


Crystal Clarke


Sex does not thrive on monotony

Anaïs Nin to The Collector


Look for me in the sunsets

Emmie to Sumner


Alex Lawther and Crystal Clarke


My Dear Bessie

Chris Barker to Bessie Moore


Juliet Stevenson and Joanna Lumley


What should I do?

Frustrated to Abby






Tom Odell

Love Letter
Streets of Heaven
Grow Old With Me

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