Past event

Royal Albert Hall, 2019

3 October 2019

On 3rd October 2019, on the back of another sold out London run, Letters Live brought its star-studded show to the Royal Albert Hall, in its most ambitious night to date.


Thursday, 3rd October 2019
Stephen Fry


A deplorable incident

Robert Ponsonby to Anthony Charlton


It will be sunny one day

Stephen Fry to Crystal



Crystal Clarke


Take him

Cassy Murdoch to Draft Board


We are the gift

Melissa Harris Perry to Richard Mourdock



Asim Chaudry


I have eaten

Oscar Brittle to the Sydney Morning Herald



Alan Carr


All I know is asthma

Marcel Proust to Jacques Porel


Never get a bulldog

Roald Dahl to his mother



Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


As we wait in joyful hope

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to Emeka


Wisdom is a gift

Toni Morrison to Barack Obama



Florence Welch


Use your time wisely

Rebecca Puig to her daughter


The most beautiful work of all

Patti Smith to Robert Mapplethorpe



Benedict Cumberbatch



Name withheld to Superior Insurance


The Wilderness

Wallace Stegner to David Pesonen



Louise Brealey


I look upon myself as a prisoner of war

Emmeline Pankhurst to her supporters


I’m amputating you

Frida Kahlo to Diego Rivera



Taika Waititi


I can only hypothesise

Justin Lee to New Zealand Police


Little things

Salvador Dali to Federico Garcia Lorca



Asim Chaudhry & Stephen Fry


I have obtained ownership of the Opera House

R. L. Suisted to Sydney Opera House



Jude Law


No dream can do justice to you

Fergal Keane to Daniel


Not the cabbage

Owen James to The Ritz


A Letter to the Future

Researchers to The Future



Olivia Colman


We must win in the end

Queen Elizabeth to Queen Mary


FUCK the Critics

Peggy Ramsay to David Hare



Benedict Cumberbatch & Louise Brealey


Chris and Bessie

Chris & Bessie to Chris & Bessie



Alan Carr & Olivia Colman


Christopher’s Choking!

Darren A. to Dear Dolly



Rory Stewart


A gross failure of responsibility

Martin Hammond to Stanley Johnson







Plastic 100ºC
(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano


Damon Albarn

Lonely Press Play

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